What to Bring

In case the weather is erratic here – which is has been most days (and we are expecting rain tomorrow and Saturda July 9, 2016) – we get both sun and rain almost everyday lately – it would be good to bring a pair of sandals or shoes that can get muddy.  Much easier to transport than gumboots and not so hot for your feet.

Here’s the link for the forecast in FSJ:  https://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/bc-78_metric_e.html.

It can be hot during the day, but always a bit cooler once on the water as the water in the river is very cold.  Evenings can get cool, but not always.  Highs of only 19 tomorrow and Saturday.

Definitely bring rain gear – coats and pants.  Even if it is raining, the paddle will go on and either you wear that rain gear or get wet. It wouldn’t hurt to bring an umbrella.

On the flip side, bring a hat and sunscreen as well.  Also bug spray – usually they’re not too bad, but weather pending, they can get worse.
Bring an old towel to clean your feet at the takeout.  It is quite muddy there.  A good idea to bring extra water so when you get off the muddy shore, you can pour that clean water on an old small towel or rag and clean the mud off your feet.  The mud is very sticky at the takeout – another reason I’m not keen on boots – just go barefoot or get those sandals muddy and have a clean pair to change into.
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